Primeur 2014
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DOMAINE DE L'A Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Well-built, with a solid, fine-grained structure inlaid into the core of plum and raspberry fruit. Underlying chalky hints add a mineral aspect. This feels like it may put on weight.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU D'AIGUILHE Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014Score: 88–91
Fresh and open, with a kiss of toasted vanilla giving way quickly to lively plum and raspberry fruit. Offers a spice-infused finish. Should be a solid value.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ALCÉE Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Shows a mix of blueberry, plum and cherry paste flavors, backed by a licorice note. The finish is pure and sleek.—J.M.

This has a good core of crushed plum and blackberry fruit, inlaid with anise, black tea and graphite notes. Nicely done.—J.M.

DOMAINE ANDRON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
A tight, racy-edged style, with a plum pit note framing the red currant and cherry fruit. Iron-laced finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ANGÉLUS St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 93–96
Features base notes of bittersweet ganache and smoldering tobacco, with dark plum, currant and fig fruit flavors. Despite the charcoal thread, this is lush and integrated, showing no aggressive edges at all. The tobacco accent chimes in at the end for added effect.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ANGÉLUS St.-Emilion Le Carillon d'Angélus 2014Score: 89–92
The creamed raspberry and plum fruit glides along, with substantial but silky tannins and a long, spice-infused finish. Features a lovely violet hint.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ANGLUDET Margaux 2014 Score: 86–89
Open-knit, with damson plum, black tea, savory and iron notes allied to a relatively modest structure.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU D'ARCE Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 86–89
Light-bodied, with violet, cherry and damson plum notes and a silky finish. Pure, but a bit shy on depth.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU D'ARMAILHAC Pauillac 2014 Score: 90–93
Bright, juicy and engaging, with a racy damson plum and red currant core striped with singed cedar and vanilla and backed by a good twinge of iron. This is brisk and pleasantly taut. Textbook Pauillac. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU D'ARSAC Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
Bright lilac and savory notes lead the way for slightly taut damson plum and bitter cherry fruit. A light chalky echo holds the finish. Elegant.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BARDE-HAUT St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
Features a slightly extracted feel, with a plum skin note running along the edges of the licorice, steeped cherry and raspberry core. The fruit pushes through in the end, with extra spice and a ganache hint filling in on the finish. Shows solid grip for the vintage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BEAU-SÉJOUR BÉCOT St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 91–94
Well-built, with ample ganache and mocha notes out front, matched to ample dark plum, blackberry and fig fruit. Lush and fleshy in feel through the finish, delivering waves of velvety fruit and tannins.—J.M.

Juicy and dense, with lots of blueberry, dark plum and blackberry fruit, studded with anise and backed by a lightly brambly finish. Hedonistic and engaging, this should be fun to watch fill out fully.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BÉLAIR-MONANGE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 94–97
A beauty in the making, with gorgeously pure red currant and raspberry fruit, laced with bergamot and incense accents. A very fine chalky thread knits everything beautifully. Shows pristine balance and gorgeous minerality. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BELGRAVE Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 89–92
The dark plum and currant fruit is pushed by a strong tobacco note, along with accents of charcoal and grilled savory. Shows good heft through the finish without sacrificing definition.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BELLE-VUE Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 89–92
This has a full feel, with loam and charcoal notes underneath the layers of blackberry and black cherry fruit. Features a smoky essence through the finish, revealing a pleasant tug of earth.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BELLEVUE-MONDOTTE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 91–94
Ripe and showy, featuring exuberant raspberry, plum and boysenberry fruit, carried by well-integrated grip. This has spine, but remains lush and velvety through the finish, with the fruit echoing.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BELLEVUE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
The plum and blackberry fruit is pushed by a lively bramble note, while anise and singed apple wood accents check in on the finish. Shows lots of energy on the back end. Solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BERLIQUET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Very pure, with a pretty floral edge around the cherry, red currant and damson plum fruit. Silky tannins and a long, elegant finish allow a mineral hint to play out. Managed by Nicolas Thiepont since 2008.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE St.-Julien 2014 Score: 91–94
Well-packed, with plum cake, bramble, blueberry patch and anise notes, all allied to a graphite edge on the finish. Racy acidity underscores everything. Rock-solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BEYCHEVELLE St.-Julien Amiral de Beychevelle 2014Score: 87–90
Fresh, with a lively brambly edge to the juicy plum and black currant fruit, showing a shot of anise on the finish. Should be a relatively accessible style when finished.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BOLAIRE Bordeaux Supérieur 2014 Score: 87–90
Lightly firm-edged, featuring dried anise and plum skin notes, followed by a core of cherry and blueberry pâte de fruit. A toasty edge holds the finish. Shows more guts than purity.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE BON PASTEUR Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Bright and engaging, with damson plum and floral notes backed by full red licorice and red currant flavors. Fruit-driven, but an iron hint gives the finish cut.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE BOSCQ St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 89–92
A fleshy, toasty style in the making, with an espresso note melding into the core of blackberry and cassis fruit. A graphite edge runs through the finish, keeping this grounded.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BOURGNEUF Pomerol 2014 Score: 90–93
Very juicy, with briary tannins running through the plum, raspberry and red currant fruit. The juicy, spice-accented finish is carried by the briary edge, accented by a latent red licorice spine. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BOUTISSE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a hefty coating of ganache and mocha, with a core of plum and boysenberry fruit waiting in the background. The broad, velvety finish lets the toast hold sway. Ambitious. Hopefully the fruit will push through.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BRANAIRE-DUCRU St.-Julien 2014 Score: 91–94
Focused and a touch austere for now, with a charcoal edge to the core of black currant and steeped fig fruit. Tobacco and bramble notes check in on the finish, and there's solid acidity in reserve. Well-built and should evolve nicely.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BRANE-CANTENAC Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
A gentle, elegant style, with pretty lilac, red currant and cherry notes, lined with a liberal savory hint that lingers through the sandalwood-edged finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BRANON Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 92–95
Very backward, with a loamy wall of grip in front of the core of dark plum, currant and fig fruit. Features a long, bramble- and tar-filled finish. There's a lot going on here, but the parts are still wrestling with one another. Shows great energy overall, however, so this is easily worth one's patience.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BRILLETTE Moulis 2014 Score: 86–89
Soft, with pretty tea, sandalwood and steeped cherry notes mingling. A hint of singed cedar is starting to define the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU BROWN Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 90–93
Very racy, with delicious raspberry coulis and red licorice notes that are already stretched out. The finish picks up spice, bramble and sweet toast details.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CALON-SÉGUR St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 92–95
This has a core of lightly steeped plum and blackberry, with alluring tobacco and charcoal notes lining the finish. Shows nice underlying acidity, and seems likely to fill out steadily. This estate is back in form since the ownership change.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CALON-SÉGUR St.-Estèphe Château Capbern-Gasqueton 2014 Score: 90–93
Pure and direct, with a textbook beam of cassis and bitter cherry notes, laced with lilac and iron hints. The racy, unencumbered finish lets the mineral edge shine. Lots of improvement here recently. This may be the best value play in the vintage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CANON-LA GAFFELIÈRE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 93–96
A strong ganache element flows along with the dark currant and blackberry flavors. A charcoal edge underscores the finish, imparting drive and definition. This will be a winner when it stretches out.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CANON St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
Ripe but brightly defined, with damson plum, violet and bitter cherry notes, backed by a lively sanguine hint. The racy finish shows some flashy aspects, giving this good range.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CANTELYS Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Bright savory and tobacco notes line the core of fresh cherry, red currant and plum fruit, with a fresh, racy edge to the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CANTEMERLE Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 90–93
Rock-solid, with a lovely loamy edge to the steeped currant and blackberry fruit. Hints of warm paving stone and smoldering tobacco emerge on the finish, and should develop with time. A textbook Médoc Cabernet.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CANTENAC-BROWN Margaux 2014 Score: 90–93
Very refined, featuring alluring currant and blackberry fruit that glides along the supple structure, with iron and light espresso hints filling in on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CARBONNIEUX Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Has a brisk edge, with plum pit and Campari notes, followed by a hint of rose petal. Iron and sanguine hints chime in on the slightly sinewy finish. Should flesh out a touch more with the élevage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE CARLMAGNUS Fronsac 2014 Score: 88–91
Ripe and fresh, with good anise, boysenberry and fruitcake notes that pump through the briar-edged finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES CARMES HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 89–92
Fleshy and open in feel already, with dark plum and blueberry notes, layered with light cocoa and fruitcake hints. Has a touch of loamy grip at the very end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DU CARTILLON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
Sports a pure, brisk plum pit spine, with layers of bitter plum, currant and licorice snap flavors. Exhibits a grippy feel on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CERTAN DE MAY Pomerol 2014 Score: 91–94
Shows a perfumy profile, with rooibos tea, blood orange and warm raspberry coulis notes leading the way. The structure marries a silky and fine-grained wood feel, letting the fruit smolder through the finish. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CHASSE-SPLEEN Moulis 2014 Score: 88–91
A gentle, elegant style, with black cherry and Campari notes that flesh out slowly in the glass, picking up hints of bittersweet cocoa and loam through the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CHAUVIN St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
Friendly plum and cherry notes lead the way, backed by light savory and vanilla hints. A little shy midpalate, but has some charm.—J.M.

LA CHENADE Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a lightly dusty frame around the core of damson plum, cherry and red currant fruit. Subtle licorice and tea notes pervade the finish. This still as some unwinding to do, but should be solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CHEVAL-BLANC St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 96–99
Reserved aromatically for now, but this has a lot at its clutch, with remarkably silky plum, currant and raspberry fruit inlaid seamlessly with alder, rooibos tea and bergamot notes. There's a fine minerality that stretches out the finish, with remarkable cut, delineation and finesse. This is gorgeous. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CHEVAL-BLANC St.-Emilion Le Petit Cheval 2014Score: 91–94
Very charming, with bright red currant and damson plum fruit, laced with a lively minerality and a lilting bergamot note. Long and silky, this is almost approachable now, but the acidity is so fine that this could be sneakily long-lived in the cellar. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

DOMAINE DE CHEVALIER Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 90–93
Tightly focused, with red currant, bergamot, Campari and sandalwood notes woven together and carrying through the well-polished finish. Has a noticeable twinge of singed wood and sweet earth at the end. A touch more backward than most of the Pessac pack right now.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CLARISSE Puisseguin-St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Very fresh, with deliciously pure blueberry and raspberry fruit, flecked with anise and black tea notes. Offers a friendly, polished feel through the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CLARISSE Puisseguin-St.-Emilion Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 2014 Score: 89–92
Features a sappy edge, with blueberry and plum paste notes studded with anise and fruitcake accents, kept lively with a good bramble detail on the finish. A small property where Stéphane Derenoncourt consults; worth keeping an eye on.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CLÉMENT-PICHON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 89–92
A dark, fleshy style, with steeped plum and blackberry notes, inlaid with lots of licorice root and fruitcake flavors. Shows ample toast through the finish, but the stuffing is there.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CLERC MILON Pauillac 2014 Score: 91–94
Delightfully plump and juicy, with a core of fresh plum, blackberry and cherry fruit, lined with alder and dark tea notes. A long iron note is well-buried, and there's more flesh here than in the d'Armailhac, with the tannins feeling rounder and more supple. Should be delicious. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CLINET Pomerol 2014 Score: 91–94
The lush raspberry and plum fruit flavors are lined with an ample but velvety structure, leading to a long, spice-infused finish. Ripe but not overdone, this is sure to be a head-turner.—J.M.

CLOS BEAUREGARD Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Solid, with melted red licorice and fruitcake notes out front, featuring a rounded core of spiced plum and raspberry pâte de fruit.—J.M.

CLOS DE L'ORATOIRE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Supple, with crushed plum and blackberry fruit, carried by a velvety structure. Offers a lingering cocoa edge, but this is driven by a pure beam of fruit.—J.M.

LE CLOS DU BEAU-PÈRE Pomerol 2014 Score: 86–89
Kirsch and plum paste notes form the core, featuring a wrapping of black licorice on the finish. Frankly toasted, this should be fairly direct when bottled.—J.M.

CLOS DU MARQUIS St.-Julien 2014 Score: 90–93
This has a subtle sauvage side, with a hint of dark olive and a smoldering tobacco note weaving around the core of fleshy plum sauce and steeped blackberry fruit. A touch firm on the finish for now, with a woodsy edge, but features more than enough flesh to soak that up.—J.M.

CLOS FLORIDÈNE Graves 2014 Score: 89–92
A lilac hint is followed by lightly steeped cherry and plum fruit. Subtle sanguine notes line the finish.—J.M.

CLOS FOURTET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
Bright and pure, with a racy beam of cherry and raspberry fruit, lined with subtle spice and floral hints. The finish is discreet, exhibiting a long, filigreed minerality that plays out nicely-you just have to pay attention or you'll miss it.—J.M.

CLOS L'ÉGLISE Pomerol 2014 Score: 91–94
Ripe, with a full, fleshy feel to the plum sauce and melted licorice notes, all framed by a ganache edge. A lightly firm woodsy hint hangs on the finish, but this has more than enough fruit to soak that up.—J.M.

CLOS L'ÉGLISE Pomerol Esprit de L'Église 2014 Score: 87–90
Bright and open-knit, with high-toned cherry and damson plum fruit, lined with a hint of singed vanilla. Slightly perky acidity keeps this higher-pitched throughout.—J.M.

CLOS LUNELLES Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 88–91
A fresh streak of tobacco accents the bright plum pit and direct blackberry notes at the core, finishing with a lightly racy detail. The finish fleshes out nicely, showing extra fruit.—J.M.

CLOS MARSALETTE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Shows a mix of sanguine, savory, bramble and tobacco notes, with lightly steeped damson plum and red currant fruit. The sleek finish lets the savory edge play out. One hopes this will gain flesh with theélevage.—J.M.

CLOS PUY ARNAUD Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Very fresh, with lively acidity evident from the start, carrying bright cherry, plum and raspberry coulis notes. Features a long, savory- and mineral-accented finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CORBIN St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
The kirsch and raspberry core is wrapped liberally with red licorice notes, revealing a juicy edge through the finish. This is fruit-driven, but some spice and singed wood hints flitter in the background, adding range.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CÔTE DE BALEAU St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
The core of plum and blackberry fruit is plump, the structure very refined. Hints of black tea and licorice glide through the finish, complemented by subtle minerality.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CÔTE MONTPEZAT Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Cuvée Compostelle 2014 Score: 87–90
Very pure, with delightful raspberry and plum fruit, stitched with subtle chalk and spice hints.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU COUHINS-LURTON Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Solid, with a good beam of blackberry and black currant fruit, liberally laced with licorice snap and bramble notes. Sweet spice hints fill in on the finish, while the toast stays in the background.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA COUSPAUDE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
An ample dose of espresso-accented toast covers the core of crushed plum and blackberry fruit, with a toasty, fleshy finish. An overt style that will have fans for sure.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE CROCK St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 88–91
Direct, with lilac, cherry and damson plum notes that carry through the pebbly finish. Not the biggest wine, but shows good typicity.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA CROIX DE GAY Pomerol 2014 Score: 89–92
This delivers a solid blast of plum, blueberry and blackberry fruit, with ample sweet toast and black licorice accents forming the background. A flattering style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU CROIZET-BAGES Pauillac 2014 Score: 87–90
A gutsy style, with dark plum and currant fruit melded with smoldering charcoal and roasted cedar notes. A bit chewy in the end, but there's ample flesh.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES CRUZELLES Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Raspberry and cherry coulis flavors form the core, with hints of spice and tea along the edges. Subtle length.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DALEM Fronsac 2014 Score: 88–91
A fresh, defined style, with plum pit, cherry and bergamot notes, backed by sanguine and chalk accents. Shows good grip on the back end. This should fill in with the élevage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DASSAULT St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
This has good stuffing, featuring dark plum and blackberry fruit melded with the cocoa and tobacco notes. Offers solid grip on the back end, with the cocoa hint lingering. Shows more heft than purity, but remains solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DAUZAC Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
A hint of cocoa leads the way, followed by dark cherry and plum fruit, finishing with an encore of sweet toast. Has some tension, but the fruit needs to step up to match the toast.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DESMIRAIL Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Ripe, pure and focused, with a beam of cassis, plum and violet notes backed by judicious toast on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DOMEYNE St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 89–92
Well-focused, with a racy beam of red currant and cherry fruit, lined with iron and pebble hints. Energetic acidity keeps the finish lively.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA DOMINIQUE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Friendly raspberry, cherry and spice notes mingle here, with bright acidity and a light brambly edge holding the finish.—J.M.

This has yet to soak up its oak and remains a bit raw, but the juniper and alder notes should meld easily enough as the core of plum and raspberry coulis flavors is ripe and fleshy. Shows ample grip through the finish, with a prominent tobacco streak adding texture. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DUHART-MILON ROTHSCHILD Pauillac Moulin de Duhart 2014 Score: 88–91
The savory pepper and tobacco notes are already developed here, with a core of bright red and black currant fruit. Shows lightly rugged grip through the finish, with a lingering tarry edge. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU L'ÉGLISE CLINET Pomerol 2014 Score: 92–95
Very refined, with alluring raspberry, plum and boysenberry fruit, inlaid with fine-grained structure and backed by a long rooibos tea- and fruitcake-infused finish. Latent grip lurks in the background.—J.M.

L'ETOILE Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 86–89
Light cherry skin and damson plum notes mingle with a singed vanilla edge, leading to a clean, open-knit finish. Pretty wine, if a touch shy on flesh in the end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU L'ÉVANGILE Pomerol 2014 Score: 93–96
Tightly coiled for now, offering raspberry, bitter plum and dark currant fruit that should unwind slowly. Features charcoal and smoldering tobacco notes, with a hint of loam underscoring the finish. Always among the more muscular Pomerols, with a substantial percentage of Cabernet Franc, and 2014 is no different. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU L'ÉVANGILE Pomerol Blason de L'Évangile 2014Score: 89–92
Plump, inviting and fleshy, with lots of plum and raspberry pâte de fruit flavors, liberally laced with tobacco and charcoal hints. Shows nice energy through the finish. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FAIZEAU Montagne-St.-Emilion Sélection Vieilles Vignes 2014 Score: 86–89
A soft, fleshy style, with warm raspberry and blueberry sauce flavors, backed by sweet toast.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FAUGÈRES St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 91–94
Very fresh, with a delicious beam of plum, boysenberry and anise notes pumping along, carried by sweet spice and graphite hints. This has some pyrotechnics, and the balance to pull them off.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FAYAT Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
A solid, direct style, with a core of plum and raspberry pâte de fruit liberally laced with red licorice accents. The licorice edge holds sway through the finish. Should be a crowd-pleaser when finished.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE FERRAND St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
Features a light dusting of vanilla over modest damson plum and bitter cherry notes, with a light sinewy edge through the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FERRIÈRE Margaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Presents a blast of bright plum and cassis fruit, along with a noticeable savory edge and notes of violet and white pepper. The acidity is a bit perky through the finish, but this should be pretty if it settles in.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE FIEUZAL Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
A lightly singed cedar note runs amid the red currant and cherry fruit. Offers a fresh, open finish. This usually fills out a bit more with theélevage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FIGEAC St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 93–96
Sleek and tight, with layers of well-focused boysenberry, cherry and cassis fruit, backed by a long, iron-edged finish. There's a whiff of tobacco in the background, too. Seriously grounded in terroir, this may take some time to unwind fully.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FLEUR CARDINALE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
A light ganache edge leads the way, followed by flattering, lightly mulled cherry, plum and blackberry fruit. Offers a toasty finish, but there's enough flesh, grip and focus to pull this along.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FLEUR CARDINALE St.-Emilion La Croix Cardinale 2014Score: 88–91
Rounded and flattering in feel, with crushed plum and blackberry reduction notes, carried by a buried graphite edge. Shows ample toast, too, but this is decidedly fruit-driven.—J.M.

LA FLEUR DE BO‹ARD Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 87–90
Fresh but lighter-bodied, with modest intensity to the raspberry coulis and damson plum fruit. Pretty spice and suave toast helps fill in the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA FLEUR DE GAY Pomerol 2014 Score: 89–92
Solid, with dark plum, blueberry and boysenberry fruit, this is fleshy in feel, with velvety tannins carrying the finish. Showy overall, but a touch shy on range in the end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA FLEUR-PÉTRUS Pomerol 2014 Score: 94–97
Packed, with raspberry, blackberry and boysenberry confiture notes, this features dense but perfectly rounded grip and a long, authoritative finish that ripples with charcoal and smoldering tobacco leaf details. Serious juice. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FOMBRAUGE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a frankly toasty frame, with a warm cocoa note melding with the plum and black cherry fruit, turning soft and generous through the finish. A touch shy on tension, but has appeal.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FONPLÉGADE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
A touch amped-up in style, with dark plum and boysenberry paste flavors forming the core, backed by ample licorice and sweet spice details on the finish. The acidity keeps this honest. For the hedonist crowd.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FONROQUE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
A pure, racy version, with a lovely floral edge to the blood orange, cherry and red currant fruit flowing atop the finely beaded acidity. Offers a long, elegant finish. Very charming.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FONTENIL Fronsac 2014 Score: 89–92
Solid, with blueberry and blackberry fruit, lined with cocoa and charcoal hints. The underlying acidity should offset the dark profile as this finishes the élevage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FRANC-MAYNE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Bright and focused, with good cut from the start. A cherry pit note harnesses the core of red currant and cherry fruit, leading to a fresh, iron-accented finish. Pure and well done.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE FRANCE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a lightly tarry edge, with brambly structure and a core of steeped red currant and juicy plum fruit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU FRANCS MAGNUS Bordeaux Supérieur Charles 1er 2014Score: 87–90
A bright, lively style, with cherry and red currant fruit, laced with a dried anise edge. Displays a floral lift on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA GAFFELIÈRE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
Features a solid core of dark, ripe plum, fig and blackberry fruit, complemented by lovely minerality through the finish. Delivers some deft toast, letting the fruit and minerality take the lead. Things are on the upswing here.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA GARDE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
This has a good mix of black cherry and cassis flavors, with a tarry spine giving the finish energy. Should be solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GAZIN Pomerol 2014 Score: 90–93
A fresh and juicy style, with lots of blueberry, raspberry and plum coulis flavors that race through the anise-accented finish. Features ample, well-integrated toast.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GIGAULT Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Cuvée Viva 2014Score: 86–89
Offers a plum skin coating over the ripe cherry and blackberry fruit flavors, with an open, lightly toasted finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE GIRONVILLE Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 89–92
Fresh and juicy, with a good core of raspberry and blueberry fruit, backed by a ganache note. A tobacco edge on the finish keeps this honest. Nicely done.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GISCOURS Margaux 2014 Score: 90–93
Fresh, with pretty cherry and plum fruit, lined with a light red licorice thread and backed by violet and iron notes on the finish. Not that dense but has good range and definition.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GLORIA St.-Julien 2014 Score: 89–92
Gutsy and slightly chunky, but a fun, mouthfilling style nonetheless, with lots of bramble and briar patch notes around the core of dark plum and blueberry fruit. Shows ample tar on the finish. Shy on refinement, but solidly built.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GODEAU St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
The kirsch core has good energy, with extra plum and cherry notes filling in the edges. Reveals a pleasant licorice snap feel on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GOMBAUDE-GUILLOT Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
A bright, lively style, with damson plum, cherry and red currant fruit, lifted by bouncy acidity while a red licorice edge fills in on the finish. Could gain if this fills in a touch more.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRAND CORBIN-DESPAGNE St.-Emilion 2014Score: 88–91
Features a lightly toasted frame, with a hint of cocoa melding with the crushed plum and steeped cherry flavors. Shows a smoky edge through the finish, balanced by the fruit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRAND MAYNE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Features a good core of plum and blueberry fruit, accented with sweet spice and gentle toast. Exhibits a rounded feel throughout, featuring ample fruit without being overly extracted.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRAND-PUY DUCASSE Pauillac 2014 Score: 87–90
Solid, with a core of dark plum and blackberry fruit, though this is squarely built on lots of mocha and ganache-accented toast, which is firmly holding sway on the finish for now. One hopes a little purity can push through in the end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRAND-PUY-LACOSTE Pauillac 2014 Score: 93–96
Rock-solid, with a gutsy core of plum, black currant, steeped fig and melted licorice snap, all carried by a gorgeous, charcoal-edged spine. Long, and loaded with fruit and grip. As solid as they come.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES GRANDES MURAILLES St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
Ripe and focused, with kirsch and plum cake notes underpinned by a licorice snap edge. Offers a very supple structure. Alluring.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES GRANDS CHÊNES Médoc 2014 Score: 87–90
An iron-accented style, with a light pebbly edge carrying the plum and cassis fruit. Features bright and energetic acidity.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES GRANDS MARÉCHAUX Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2014Score: 87–90
This has good flesh, with plum and cassis fruit that is pure and focused, lined with subtle toast and black tea notes.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA GRAVE À POMEROL Pomerol 2014 Score: 91–94
Rock-solid, with dark red and black currant fruit, raspberry pâte de fruit and plum sauce notes, all carried by lightly tarry grip. Shows a nice tug of earth at the very end, matching the dense fruit. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GREYSAC Médoc 2014 Score: 86–89
A frankly pumped-up style, with lots of toast and ganache notes leading the way for the black currant and blackberry fruit. Turns chewy through the finish. A touch overdone in the end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRUAUD-LAROSE St.-Julien 2014 Score: 89–92
The cassis and black cherry fruit glides along here, with hints of warm fruitcake and licorice. Tarry accents emerge at the very end, giving this some depth and grip. This may fill out a bit more.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GRUAUD-LAROSE St.-Julien Sarget de Gruaud-Larose 2014 Score: 86–89
The fleshy, forward-styled plum and blackberry fruit gets a shot of licorice for spine on the finish. Tasty, but frankly open-knit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU GUADET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 85–88
Light-bodied and gentle, with modest tannins carrying the cherry and raspberry fruit through a sandalwood-accented finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA GURGUE Margaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Solid, with a brambly edge to the blackberry, plum and cherry fruit, while hints of savory and singed juniper fill in the finish. Shows range and energy. Much improved after the last two vintages.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT LAGRANGE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 87–90
Offers a ripe, rounded, open feel, with friendly plum and boysenberry fruit accented with spice and sweet licorice hints. Could improve if the flavors continue to knit together, but this seems likely to be a crowd-pleasing style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT SELVE Graves 2014 Score: 87–90
Has a sleek, coiled feel, with a sanguine frame around the damson plum and lilac notes. A mineral edge holds the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BACALAN Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 89–92
Very solid, with ample yet integrated mesquite-accented toast working with the crushed plum and blackberry fruit. A tarry edge lines the finish, showing good energy.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BAGES LIBÉRAL Pauillac 2014 Score: 89–92
A tight, sleek style, with red and black currant fruit, lined with edgy savory, cassis bush and iron notes. The long finish lets the cassis bush element play out.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BALLET Fronsac 2014 Score: 87–90
Bright cherry, pomegranate and plum pit notes weave together, with a lightly firm singed wood hint on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BATAILLEY Pauillac 2014 Score: 88–91
Light tobacco and cedar hints lead off, followed by pretty red currant and bitter cherry fruit flavors. Shows good energy on the iron-edged finish. A minerally style of Pauillac.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BEAUSÉJOUR St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 89–92
Fresh plum and cassis notes glide along, with a rather silky structure and a lingering floral edge. Bright through the finish and built on charm. This and sister property de Pez are showing improvement under Nicolas Glumineau.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BERGEY Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 91–94
Succulent, with lots of red currant and blackberry confiture notes, laced with anise and sweet spice details. A singed apple wood edge forms on the finish. Shows excellent energy overall.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 95–98
Features a youthfully muscular edge, but remains elegant despite the heft, with a core of plum, red currant and raspberry fruit, guided by supple tannins and backed by subtle tobacco and spice hints. A light bay thread chimes in on the finish, while a juniper detail adds a pleasant underpinning. Displays admirable concentration, but this will need time to soak up its élevage, as it is always one of the more backward wines of the spring tastings. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan Le Clarence de Haut-Brion 2014 Score: 91–94
Plump, fleshy and inviting in feel, with a strong plum pâte de fruit note leading the way, backed by anise, blueberry and tar flavors. Picks up lots of briary grip on the finish. Still youthfully raw, but exhibits good energy and stuffing. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HAUT-MAURAC Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a loamy edge, with dark plum and mulled black cherry notes, ending with a strong tobacco accent.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HOSANNA Pomerol 2014 Score: 93–96
Dense, with solid grip, this remains very pure, featuring a polished beam of raspberry and plum fruit coursing along, inlaid with mouthwatering anise, incense and dried blood orange notes. Shows serious depth and length already, but could improve even more during the élevage. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU HOSTENS-PICANT Ste.-Foy-Bordeaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Features solid plum and blackberry fruit, with a tobacco underpinning. Delivers nice weight, flesh and definition.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE LA HUSTE Fronsac 2014 Score: 87–90
Shows a mix of red currant, plum and raspberry fruit, with light vanilla and savory hints weaving in and out. Delivers an open, sanguine-edged finish.—J.M.

L'IF St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
Very fleshy, but not at all bombastic, this glides gently, with slowly intensifying cherry, bitter plum and blackberry flavors. The finish lets a smoldering tobacco note weave through, balanced by a well-embedded chalky spine. A wine of restrained power. Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU D'ISSAN Margaux 2014 Score: 86–89
Elegant, with lacy yet persistent tannins carrying pretty plum, anise and savory hints. Lacks some stuffing on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU JEAN FAURE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Features dark plum, blackberry, anise and fruitcake notes that have good energy, with a singed alder edge holding the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU JEAN FAUX Bordeaux Supérieur 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a toasty frame, with solid flesh to match, offering layers of ripe plum, cassis and cherry fruit. The finish delivers enticing spice and ganache hints.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU JOANIN BÉCOT Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014Score: 87–90
A firm, toasted style, with a ganache edge holding sway over the plum and blueberry notes. Features a smoky finish, but this shows solid flesh in the end, and should soak up the élevage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU KIRWAN Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Features a saturated core of blackberry and cherry preserve flavors, wrapped with black licorice notes and backed by a solid, polished finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LABÉGORCE Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
A touch airy, with damson plum, pomegranate and violet notes, backed by a light savory whiff on the finish. Fills in a bit on the back end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD Pauillac 2014 Score: 94–97
Very backward, with loads of cedar, espresso and juniper out front, while the core of currant and blackberry fruit stays in reserve. Shows ample grip on the finish, but this is fine-grained and exhibits superb cut. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD Pauillac Carruades de Lafite Rothschild 2014 Score: 90–93
Sleek and refined, with black currant and plum fruit, laced with a hint of raspberry coulis, while subtle tobacco and roasted alder notes form the frame. Features a tight, racy feel through the finish. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAFLEUR-GAZIN Pomerol 2014 Score: 90–93
Engaging, with a lively savory note underscoring the raspberry and crushed plum fruit, while mouthwatering sanguine and iron accents line the finish. A hint of incense adds range, and very finely beaded acidity imparts length. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAFON-ROCHET St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 88–91
Bright, with a mix of bitter plum, cassis and cherry fruit, lined with subtle savory and pebble notes that give the finish an edgy feel.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAGRANGE St.-Julien 2014 Score: 87–90
An elegant style, with pretty blueberry and warmed cherry notes gliding along the relatively supple structure. Lightens up a bit on the finish, but a good stony edge keeps this honest.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA LAGUNE Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 87–90
A brisk, racy, high-toned style, with lilac and pebble notes guiding the core of red currant and cherry pit flavors.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LANGOA BARTON St.-Julien 2014 Score: 91–94
Sappy kirsch and blackberry coulis notes form the core, with ample tar, ganache and bramble flavors filling in the finish. Displays lots of chewy grip but has the flesh to match. Rock-solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LARCIS DUCASSE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
Features cherry, creamed strawberry and red licorice notes that seem almost too easy at first, but then the back half kicks in, with a chalky spine and extra energy. Pure and long.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LAROZE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
This relies on purity, with well-focused raspberry and plum coulis flavors that run atop a mouthwatering mineral hint. Reveals a floral note on the finish. A pretty wine.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LARRIVET HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 87–90
Features a good, direct beam of cassis, with a floral hint and a polished vanilla note through the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LASCOMBES Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
Bouncy cherry and dark plum fruit is backed by a lively anise edge. A good spice hint emerges on the finish. Not dense but shows nice vibrancy.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LATOUR À POMEROL Pomerol 2014 Score: 93–96
A nice wine in the making, with velvety layers of raspberry, plum and boysenberry fruit, lined with subtle charcoal, warm ganache and tar notes. Features ample base notes, but manages to stay suave and elegant through the dark finish, revealing serious buried grip. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LATOUR-MARTILLAC Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 90–93
Ripe but racy, with the core of raspberry, plum and blackberry confiture coursing along thanks to mouthwatering acidity, while anise, cinnamon and black tea notes fill the finish. Shows admirable grip, too.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LATOUR Pauillac 2014 Score: 96–99
Dense, but remarkably silky in feel, with gorgeous raspberry and blackberry fruit embedded with anise, violet and iron notes. A terrific graphite spine drives the finish. Shows great energy throughout. This is all length and cut, with just a hint of classic Bordeaux austerity. The one first-growth in 2014 that feels like it could be from a cooler vintage. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LATOUR Pauillac Les Forts de Latour 2014 Score: 91–94
Shows lovely purity, with racy raspberry and cassis notes. Slightly less floral and more velvety in feel than the basic Pauillac bottling, with a longer, brighter finish and a more prominent iron edge. Exhibits very fine acidity. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LATOUR Pauillac Pauillac 2014 Score: 89–92
Offers a lovely silky feel, with vibrant cassis and warm raspberry coulis flavors. Delivers a long, floral, lacy finish. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LÉOVILLE BARTON St.-Julien 2014 Score: 92–95
Mouthfilling from the start, with lovely plum sauce, steeped fig and blackberry coulis flavors, lined with warm ganache notes and carried by ample but polished tannins. Features a tarry edge at the end, but maintains a rather polished feel overall. A lovely wine, once again.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LÉOVILLE LAS CASES St.-Julien 2014 Score: 94–97
A pure, coiled and focused wine, with a superdense core of red and black currant fruit, carried by a mouthwatering iron spine. The long finish features gorgeous notes of dried anise and smoldering charcoal, while the fruit stays pure and racy. The grip takes over in the end, big time. Another brick house in the making.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LÉOVILLE LAS CASES St.-Julien Le Petit Lion 2014Score: 89–92
Pure and well-cut, with a beam of unadorned red currant and cherry fruit coursing along, carried by a mouthwatering iron note.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LÉOVILLE POYFERRÉ St.-Julien 2014 Score: 92–95
Very stylish, with blackberry, black cherry and black currant fruit already melded together with subtle charcoal and ganache notes. Offers a velvety feel, but isn't shy on grip or depth. This is sneakily long. A lovely showing.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LÉOVILLE POYFERRÉ St.-Julien Château Moulin Riche 2014 Score: 88–91
Offers a fresh, ripe, caressing feel, with plum and raspberry fruit, lined with subtle singed vanilla and dried anise notes. Small in scale but well done.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LESPAULT-MARTILLAC Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 88–91
Offers a polished, fresh feel, with a rounded core of plum and cherry fruit, backed by pretty spice and a hint of red licorice. Lacks the range of the top examples, but what's there is fresh and delineated.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LESTAGE SIMON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 87–90
Plump and fleshy up front, with enticing plum and blackberry fruit, this slowly tightens up through the finish, revealing hints of loam and iron.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LILIAN LADOUYS St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 87–90
A bright, high-pitched style, with bitter cherry, Campari and pomegranate fruit, followed by an iron hint and a floral finish. Shows good purity, but needs to fill in a bit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA LOUVIÈRE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 86–89
Frankly toasted, with a strong ganache edge and a core of plum and blackberry fruit. The finish is a bit woodsy for now. Exercise care here.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LUSSEAU St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Very fresh, with lots of floral lift to the plum, raspberry and damson plum notes. Offers a racy sanguine note and fine acidity. Not dense, but defined and persistent.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LYNCH BAGES Pauillac 2014 Score: 93–96
Offers lovely weight and feel, with a big core of plum, blackberry and black currant fruit that manages to show refinement, while ample charcoal and warm stone notes flow underneath. This is displaying terrific depth and purity today.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LYNCH BAGES Pauillac Echo de Lynch Bages 2014Score: 89–92
This packs solid dark currant, fig and blackberry fruit, with notes of charcoal and loam, but stays fleshy overall, revealing ample length and definition on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MAGREZ FOMBRAUGE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
There's ample fruit here, with raspberry and boysenberry pâte de fruit notes and a streak of licorice. Has enough spice and energy to stay honest. A flashy style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MALARTIC-LAGRAVIÈRE Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 91–94
Quite ripe, with a large core of succulent blackberry, raspberry and black currant fruit, enlivened with a good brambly edge and followed by anise and tar on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MALESCOT-ST.-EXUPÉRY Margaux 2014 Score: 92–95
Bright and juicy, with a core of plum, blackberry and black cherry fruit, backed by hints of anise and fruitcake. The apple wood edge on the finish gives this spine. Very solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MANOIR DU GRAVOUX Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux F. Thienpont 2014 Score: 87–90
Features a dusting of vanilla around the blueberry and plum compote notes. The finish is draped with a plum skin edge. Just a touch chewy now, but this should settle down as the élevage wraps up.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MARGAUX Margaux 2014 Score: 94–97
A light savory cassis bush hint marks the Petit Verdot in this blend, but this is quickly consumed by the Cabernet Sauvignon, with a core of well-endowed cassis and plum fruit harnessed by very long, supple tannins. Gorgeous alder, lilac and iron notes begin to emerge on the finish, though this is still very primal. Sublime in feel, this offers a caressing power. A beauty in the making. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MARGAUX Margaux Pavillon Rouge 2014 Score: 91–94
Very silky and refined, with supple plum and cassis notes infused with rooibos tea and bergamot hints. The long, floral-edged finish is very fine-grained, with the floral notes expanding quickly as this airs. Gorgeous in feel, with impressive length. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

MAROJALLIA Margaux 2014 Score: 90–93
Caressing lilac, plum and anise notes are backed by extra blackberry and black currant fruit. The finish picks up a fruitcake hint. A solid, flashy style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MARSAU Francs Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 88–91
The damson plum, cherry pit and bergamot notes are underscored by a fine minerality. Not big, but has lovely purity and focus.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA MARZELLE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Quite ripe and direct, with a good blast of raspberry, blueberry and boysenberry confiture notes, backed by a hint of toasted anise. Has just enough acidity to stay honest. Should be a crowd-pleaser.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MAUCAILLOU Moulis 2014 Score: 87–90
The fresh red currant and blackberry fruit is backed by light loam and tobacco notes. A hint of graphite gives this a bit more energy than most Moulis.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MAUVESIN BARTON Moulis 2014 Score: 87–90
Pretty bergamot, plum and cherry fruit is lined with lightly dusty tannins and backed by a gentle whiff of tobacco.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MEYNEY St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 88–91
Ripe and languid in feel, with flattering plum, blackberry and black currant fruit, layered with a toasty ganache edge. Need to tighten up a bit, as the fruit is a touch gushy now despite the weight. Reveals some good acidity buried on the finish, however, so worth the gamble.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA MISSION HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 93–96
This has the engaging rusticity of the estate, with a strong sappy and briary frame around a core of plum skin, dried star anise, licorice root and dark currant fruit. Solidly grippy through the finish, with a lingering tar edge and a bright pastis note. Rather backward, but rock-solid. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA MISSION HAUT-BRION Pessac-Léognan La Chapelle de la Mission Haut-Brion 2014 Score: 90–93
Vibrant blueberry and pastille notes form the core, with good energy from the savory and tobacco accents. Has a lightly chewy edge through the finish, giving this a grippy feel. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MONBOUSQUET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
A saturated version, with plum, cassis and cherry flavors that drape themselves over the dense but velvety structure. The long, apple wood-infused finish shows some surprising heft for the vintage.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MONBOUSQUET St.-Emilion Angélique de Monbousquet 2014 Score: 88–91
This starts off with bouncy acidity, with a perky feel running through the core of pomegranate, red currant and crisp cherry fruit. A bright iron note pierces the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MONBRISON Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Fresh, with pretty red currant and cherry flavors that glide along, laced with a vibrant iron note that adds length.—J.M.

LA MONDOTTE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 94–97
A sleek, wiry wine, with lovely definition and a coiled feel, featuring a core of raspberry, blackberry and boysenberry fruit waiting to unwind. A serious chalky spine bolts everything down for now. This needs time, but shows great length and precision.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MONTLANDRIE Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014Score: 89–92
Features a lively mix of bramble, cassis bush and savory notes weaving around a core of blueberry and plum fruit. The bramble accent gives the finish solid grip.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MONTROSE St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 94–97
As sleek and tightly coiled as they come, with wonderful purity and cut to the red and black currant and red and black cherry fruit. The long iron spine is thoroughly embedded and a gorgeous echo of charcoal lingers at the very end of the lightly pebbly finish. Everything finally seems to be coming together here.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MOULIN HAUT-LAROQUE Fronsac 2014 Score: 89–92
Very fresh and pure, featuring lovely violet and cassis notes, with a sleek, chalk-accented finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MOULINET Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a good core of plum paste and cherry pie notes, with a kirsch edge filling in toward the end. The light brambly accent on the finish gives this needed lift and definition.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD Pauillac 2014 Score: 95–98
This captures the pure, distilled essence of Cabernet Sauvignon, with a racy core of red and black currant fruit that almost struts alone, but there's ample roasted apple wood and iron deeply buried in the background, which should emerge with time. The finish has terrific delineation, with a mouthwatering edge despite clearly abundant tannins. The focus on purity in this wine is what's most impressive over the last several vintages. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD Pauillac Le Petit Mouton de Mouton-Rothschild 2014 Score: 91–94
This has a lightly dusty frame, but is plump overall, with delightful plum, raspberry and red currant fruit at the core. Singed alder and vanilla notes are subtle and nicely integrated, with a very elegant feel through the finish. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU NENIN Pomerol 2014 Score: 89–92
A solid if slightly austere style of Pomerol, with dark cherry and bitter plum notes lined with a hint of charcoal and backed by an iron-edged finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU NENIN Pomerol Fugue de Nenin 2014 Score: 87–90
Lightly firm-edged, with a plum pit note running along the edges of the plum and red currant fruit. Reveals a light black tea hint on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU OLIVIER Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 90–93
Pure, with elegant red currant and raspberry fruit, carried by long, fine, focused iron notes. A pretty wine that should develop nicely.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ORMES DE PEZ St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 90–93
Bright and pure, with a lovely beam of cassis, cherry and lilac notes racing through the focused finish. Good drive.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PALMER Margaux 2014 Score: 93–96
This is reserved in profile now, with crushed red and black currant fruit and lightly singed alder notes. Yet the core is coiled, showing very energetic raspberry and plum coulis flavors, with a lilting violet edge and a long, iron-fueled finish. There's a very refined backdrop of tobacco and singed juniper, and the finish is long and suave. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PALMER Margaux Alter Ego 2014 Score: 90–93
Bursts with violet, plum and raspberry fruit, lined with silky tannins and backed by a tantalizing iron hint. Features lovely brisk energy and gorgeous purity. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAPE CLÉMENT Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 91–94
Broad and hefty, with a wall of ganache out front, followed by steeped fig and blackberry paste flavors. The dense, loamy finish lets the toast hold sway. Shows more power than purity, but there's density and length here, too. For fans of the style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DU PARC St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
A broad, toasty style, with dark cocoa and mocha holding sway for now over the crushed plum and steeped blackberry notes. Has slightly raisiny grip and may not be able to soak up all the toast.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVEIL DE LUZE Margaux 2014 Score: 88–91
An overt wine, with ripe, dark plum and blackberry confiture notes, pushed by a hefty dose of licorice snap. A bit dressed up, but features fun fruit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVIE MACQUIN St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 93–96
Well-packed, with ample boysenberry, blackberry and raspberry flavors that course along, carried by anise and singed apple wood notes that stay reserved through the finish. Squarely fruit-driven, but exhibits great purity and energy.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVIE-DECESSE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
Ripe, displaying a piercing quality, with the raspberry, plum and boysenberry notes carried by particularly racy acidity and a very fine minerality. A chalky thread adds tension on the finish. This still has some unwinding to do.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVIE Bordeaux Esprit de Pavie 2014 Score: 85–88
The pretty cherry paste and red licorice notes are lined with a twinge of tobacco.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVIE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 94–97
A beauty in the making, with gloriously pure boysenberry, raspberry and plum flavors, ample yet thoroughly integrated grip, and lithe acidity that lets the finish flow with an unencumbered feel. Offers chalky acidity.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PAVIE St.-Emilion Arômes de Pavie 2014 Score: 86–89
Bright and fresh, with pretty lift to the damson plum and cherry fruit, lined with light savory and mineral hints. Shows good cut, and should be approachable when bottled.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PEBY FAUGÈRES St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 93–96
The gorgeous mouthfeel is already there, featuring polished structure and velvety blueberry, plum and boysenberry compote notes, inlaid seamlessly with spice, anise and fruitcake accents. The long finish lets the fruit flow. Another beauty from this estate, which has been on fire recently.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PÉDESCLAUX Pauillac 2014 Score: 88–91
Distinctive, with a ripe cassis and boysenberry core, lined with dried anise hints and backed by ample singed apple wood notes, though this stays very polished overall. An extroverted style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PETIT-VILLAGE Pomerol 2014 Score: 90–93
Solid, with a brambly note carrying the plum, blueberry and anise flavors. Stays energetic through the finish, with the grip and fresh acidity melding nicely.—J.M.

PÉTRUS Pomerol 2014 Score: 95–98
Offers a gorgeous caressing feel at first, with velvety raspberry and plum fruit, then picks up a light briar echo and a fine pebbly feel through the finish, adding range and length. The latent grip is supple and fully embedded, while an alluring incense note weaves throughout. A thoroughly beguiling wine. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PEYRAT-FOURTHON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
A hint of warm stone frames the solid core of dark plum and black currant fruit, with a light tarry spine on the finish. Exhibits good range and may put on a little more weight.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE PEZ St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 88–91
The pure red currant and cherry fruit stays relatively unadorned through the floral- and chalk-accented finish. Pretty wine. This and sister property Haut-Beauséjour are showing improvement under Nicolas Glumineau.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PHÉLAN SÉGUR St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 90–93
This is alluring, with a velvety feel to the crushed plum and black currant fruit, while perfumy hints of espresso and singed sandalwood line the finish. Presents a pleasant loamy tug.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PIBRAN Pauillac 2014 Score: 88–91
Good bramble, cassis bush, cherry and currant notes are mixed here, with a light cedar backdrop on the finish.—J.M.

Vibrant, with a blaze of iron running from start to finish, while dark currant, cherry and plum fruit forms the core. The long, grippy, integrated finish shows excellent vivacity.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PICHON LONGUEVILLE LALANDE Pauillac Réserve de la Comtesse 2014 Score: 88–91
The cassis bush and tobacco leaf notes spike a medium-weight core of red and black currant fruit. A hint of iron keeps this grounded interroir, but this remains generally accessible in feel.—J.M.

Features a solid core of dark plum and blackberry fruit, backed by judicious toast that allows tobacco and loam hints to emerge in end. This picks up steam through the finish, showing ample base notes.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PICHON-LONGUEVILLE BARON Pauillac Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2014 Score: 87–90
Very fresh and open in feel, with tasty red currant, raspberry and black cherry fruit flavors, carried by floral and sweet spice notes.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PICHON-LONGUEVILLE BARON Pauillac Les Tourelles de Longueville 2014 Score: 89–92
Bright red currant and cherry fruit keeps this slightly high-pitched, while hints of savory and cassis bush fill in before an iron edge emerges on the finish. Still a touch taut, but the purity and range should win out in the end.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PIERRE St.-Emilion 1er 2014 Score: 89–92
The fresh blackberry coulis and plum paste notes are laced with a dried star anise edge. Shows a hint of graphite on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE PIN Pomerol 2014 Score: 96–99
Delivers its telltale aroma of succulent raspberry fruit, with beguiling spice and an echo of boysenberry and blackberry. The structure is solid, but remains remarkably silky and thoroughly ensconced in the fruit. A fine mineral accent emerges on the finish, revealing echoes of violet and lavender, but this is basically all fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit, and there's nothing wrong with that. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PLINCE Pomerol 2014 Score: 88–91
Breezy, charming and open in feel, with pretty raspberry and cherry fruit, laced with subtle anise and red licorice notes. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU POESIA St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
Round and fresh up front, with friendly blueberry and plum fruit kept honest by a note of dried anise. A slight twinge of plum skin on the finish hints at extraction, but there's some pretty fruit here as well. The former Château Haut-Villet; a new project from Hélène and Patrice Lévêque.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA POINTE Pomerol 2014 Score: 89–92
A toasted, showy style, with layers of warmed vanilla bean and fruitcake out front, backed by fleshy plum sauce and red licorice notes. Should be a crowd-pleaser.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU POTENSAC Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
Shows textbook Bordeaux austerity, with racy pomegranate and red currant notes, carried by a bright iron spine. Will unwind slowly but surely.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU POTENSAC Médoc Chapelle de Potensac 2014Score: 86–89
Features a sanguine thread and a bright, pebbly feel, carrying the damson plum, bitter cherry and blood orange flavors. Shows good freshness on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU POUJEAUX Moulis 2014 Score: 87–90
Fleshy, with gentle tannins carrying the bitter plum, black cherry, loam and humus hints through the lightly toasted finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA PRADE Francs Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Offers a caressing feel, with plum, anise and cherry preserve notes mingling, all framed by a subtle vanilla edge on the finish. Should be a solid value.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE PRESSAC St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
This has a soft edge, with gentle plum and blackberry notes that glide along easily, framed with a dusting of cocoa that emerges on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PRIEURÉ-LICHINE Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Focused, with a velvety beam of crushed plum and warm cherry notes flowing through the anise- and plum cake-accented finish. A little reliant on toast in the end, but the balance is there.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE PRIEURÉ St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Features plum sauce and raspberry pâte de fruit notes that stay refined, with subtle structure guiding the finish while hints of sandalwood and tea weave through. Shows a touch of wood for now, but should soak that up easily enough.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PUY-BLANGUET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
Offers lively, open-knit red berry fruit, lined with subtle cedar, dried anise and savory notes. Not superdense, this features a fresh, energetic finish, with some latent, licorice-accented grip. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU PUYGUERAUD Francs Côtes de Bordeaux 2014Score: 88–91
Fresh, with good plum and cherry fruit, laced with singed vanilla and incense notes. Offers a sleek feel through the finish, gaining range from a mineral hint. A forward style, but balanced enough to suggest this may age well for a few years.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU QUINAULT L'ENCLOS St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
A loamy edge provides spine to the red currant and warmed plum notes. Lingering alder and iron hints add range. This has more depth than usual. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU QUINTUS St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 91–94
Offers bright cassis and violet notes, with a pleasantly firm, chalky spine holding the finish. Shows solid length, with a good briary feel at the very end lending added range and contrast. Easily the best vintage since the acquisition, with the former l'Arrossé holdings incorporated since 2012. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU QUINTUS St.-Emilion Le Dragon 2014 Score: 89–92
Shows good purity, with clean-cut cassis and plum fruit, laced with a floral edge. Reveals a fine chalky underpinning on the finish. This estate has improved steadily since the 2011 acquisition by Domaine Clarence Dillon. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU RAHOUL Graves 2014 Score: 88–91
Pure raspberry and blackberry fruit races along, with a bright iron edge carrying the finish. Fresh and nicely rendered.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU RAUZAN-GASSIES Margaux 2014 Score: 87–90
Offers a bright, pure beam of cassis and violet, backed by a singed apple wood note that frames the finish. Shows woody grip in the end, but the fruit remains charming.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU RAUZAN-SÉGLA Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Soft-edged, with plum and black cherry fruit, laced with light sandalwood and tea notes that linger through the supple finish, which gains some extra velvety layers of blackberry and anise with air.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE REIGNAC Bordeaux Balthus 2014 Score: 88–91
Very fresh, featuring violet, plum and cassis notes, with a fine-grained structure.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DE REIGNAC Bordeaux Supérieur 2014 Score: 87–90
Has a sappy feel, with plum skin, cassis and blackberry paste flavors. The toast is judicious and well-integrated already.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DU RETOUT Haut-Médoc Red 2014 Score: 90–93
Very solid, with a delicious core of plum, cassis and raspberry fruit, lined with a stony thread that gives the finish spine and definition. Savory and iron hints show in the background. Has range and character.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU REYNON Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2014 Score: 87–90
A light chalky frame works well with the medium-weight damson plum and bitter cherry core, revealing a light sanguine shading on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU REYSSON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 88–91
Solid, with a firm stony spine running through the middle of the steeped plum and red currant fruit. Reveals a tobacco etching on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ROCHEYRON St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
Features a large core of dark plum and blackberry fruit that gives way to hefty tobacco, ganache, singed iron and loam notes. A bit sauvageat the very end, with heft and muscle, but the core of fruit is pure.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ROL VALENTIN St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
Friendly, with soft cherry and plum compote notes, lined with subtle vanilla and black tea accents. The silky finish gains depth with air. Alluring now, and could improve with additional weight.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ROLLAN DE BY Médoc 2014 Score: 87–90
The bright red currant and cherry fruit is laced with lilac and iron notes, revealing a pleasantly austere edge on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ROLLAND-MAILLET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
A fresh, open-knit style, with friendly cherry and damson plum notes. A hint of red licorice holds the finish.—J.M.

DOMAINE DES SABINES Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 87–90
A perfumy style, with gentle cherry and plum fruit, laced with incense and tea notes.—J.M.

SAINTAYME St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 90–93
A vibrant, briary spine runs through the core of crushed plum and raspberry fruit. Subtle spice lines the finish, with the refined structure making this sneakily long.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SANCTUS St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 86–89
Ripe and direct, with a beam of raspberry and blueberry fruit backed by polished tannins and a singed vanilla note on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SANSONNET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Has some hefty toast, featuring anise, cinnamon and fruitcake notes, with solid plum and boysenberry fruit at the core. Juicy acidity carries the finish. Tasted twice, with consistent notes.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE SARTRE Pessac-Léognan 2014 Score: 88–91
Offers a solid feel, with a bramble note underscoring the plum and raspberry pâte de fruit flavors. Reveals a tarry echo on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SÉRILHAN St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 86–89
Features crushed plum and blackberry notes, backed by a sweet licorice hint. Shows accents of lilac and iron, but this is more reliant on fruit, and seems rather forward in style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA SERRE St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 89–92
A fresh, elegant style, with silky raspberry and black cherry fruit, carried by light savory and incense notes. Gentle finish. Pretty wine. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SIAURAC Lalande-de-Pomerol 2014 Score: 86–89
A light, perfumy style, with savory and tea notes leading the way, followed by a modest core of damson plum fruit.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SIRAN Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Plum pit, cherry and dried anise notes form the core, with a light mesquite edge starting to emerge on the finish. A pretty, understated style.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SMITH-HAUT-LAFITTE Pessac-Léognan 2014Score: 93–96
This has nice spine, with a persistent graphite and ganache character that runs through the core of dark plum and black currant fruit. The grip is well-embedded and there's lingering freshness despite the heft and depth. This will likely fill out more with time.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SMITH-HAUT-LAFITTE Pessac-Léognan Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2014 Score: 88–91
Has a good core of plum and blackberry fruit, with a solid coating of ganache. However, there's enough fruit here to soak that up easily, and this should be a good, forward crowd-pleaser when finished.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SMITH-HAUT-LAFITTE Pessac-Léognan Les Hauts de Smith 2014 Score: 88–91
Fresh and open, with friendly raspberry and black cherry fruit and pretty vanilla and red licorice hints through the finish. Not big, but shows good purity and freshness.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU SOCIANDO-MALLET Haut-Médoc Jean Gautreau 2014Score: 89–92
Fresh, with good cut to the plum and black currant fruit, showing extra tobacco and iron notes on the finish. Has a good shot of toast, but enough fruit and minerality to soak that up. Rock-solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ST.-PIERRE DE CORBIAN St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 85–88
Friendly plum and boysenberry fruit is framed by a hefty singed juniper note that cuts the finish short. A bit shy on energy.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU ST.-PIERRE St.-Julien 2014 Score: 89–92
There's good flesh here, with layers of fig, blueberry and blackberry pâte de fruit backed by mouthwatering anise and warm fruitcake notes. The long, briary finish exhibits solid density. A strong showing for this generally more elegant-styled wine.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TALBOT St.-Julien 2014 Score: 90–93
Tightly focused and ripe, with a lovely beam of blackberry, blueberry and plum fruit, lined with pastis hints and backed by brambly grip. Vivacious.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU MARQUIS DE TERME Margaux 2014 Score: 89–92
Offers a ripe, fleshy feel, with a velvety structure that lets alluring plum sauce, blackberry paste and melted black licorice notes play out through the finish.—J.M.

TERRA BURDIGALA St.-Emilion Château Peyroutas 2014Score: 87–90
Features a sappy cherry core, showing a good twinge of red licorice. Slightly taut through the finish, with a singed vanilla note, but this should unwind soon enough.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU DU TERTRE Margaux 2014 Score: 88–91
Pepper and savory flavors lead the way, followed by slightly brisk damson plum, cherry pit and iron notes. Not dense, but shows a good racy edge on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
A fresh, floral style, with enticing pomegranate and cherry fruit, backed by a rooibos tea hint. Offers a silky, easygoing finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion Château Laforge 2014 Score: 88–91
Fresh raspberry and blackberry fruit courses along, with silky tannins and an echo of red licorice on the finish. Offers a polished feel overall.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion Le Carré 2014 Score: 89–92
Cherry, plum pit and Campari notes form the core, with racy acidity carrying the finish, which ends with a light sanguine echo.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion Le Dôme 2014 Score: 90–93
Pure and focused, featuring bright red currant and damson plum fruit, laced with fine acidity. Almost chiseled through the finish, propelled by a chalky hint. This may have quite a bit of unwinding to do.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion Les Astéries 2014 Score: 90–93
A subtle vanilla thread leads the way, followed by caressing cherry and plum fruit. A floral edge marries well with the gentle toast on the finish, showing good persistence.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TEYSSIER St.-Emilion Vieux Château Mazerat 2014Score: 88–91
Bright red currant, pomegranate and cherry pit notes keep this slightly more high-pitched than most, with a chalky thread holding the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LE THIL Pessac-Léognan Comte Clary 2014 Score: 89–92
Offers a friendly, fleshy feel, with plum sauce and raspberry coulis flavors, laced judiciously with singed vanilla toast.—J.M.

ETS. THUNEVIN Bordeaux Château Subilaux 2014 Score: 87–90
Brambly tannins carry dark plum and anise notes, with a flash of blueberry.—J.M.

ETS. THUNEVIN Bordeaux Mauvais Garçon 2014 Score: 87–90
Offers direct plum and cassis notes, with a light twinge of vanilla on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA TOUR CARNET Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 87–90
Fresh, with a beam of cherry and black currant fruit, backed by modest tobacco and warm stone notes. The toast is a bit obvious through the finish, but this has good range.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TOUR DE PEZ St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 87–90
This has good cut, with a lightly pebbly frame and an iron-accented spine. Damson plum and bitter cherry fruit forms the core. Shows purity and length.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA TOUR FIGEAC St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a hefty core of plum, red licorice and cherry preserves, with a sleek coating of vanilla-accented toast carrying the finish. Solid.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TOUR-BALADOZ St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
Pretty, with violet, raspberry and red licorice notes, inlaid with lilting spice. Not dense, but shows good purity and finesse.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TOUR-BALADOZ St.-Emilion Château La Croizille 2014Score: 87–90
Fruitcake and plum sauce flavors lead the way, with an alluring licorice note and a polished, rounded structure. A bit pumped-up in style, but has legitimate stuffing.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TRIANON St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 87–90
An iron note adds lift and freshness to the core of raspberry and plum coulis flavors. Red licorice accents coat the finish. Bright overall, this doesn't rely on extraction.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TRIMOULET St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a bright red fruit profile, with currant and cherry notes accented by a floral edge. Stays fresh through the finish, with a light mineral underpinning and good tension. Managed by Nicolas Thienpont since 2011.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LES TROIS CROIX Fronsac 2014 Score: 88–91
There's good energy here, with a raspberry coulis note weaving through the blackberry and plum paste flavors. Shows lift from an anise hint on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TRONQUOY-LALANDE St.-Estèphe 2014 Score: 88–91
Features a flattering core of blackberry and black cherry fruit, lined with just enough charcoal and singed apple wood hints to stay honest. Reveals a pleasantly rustic edge on the finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TROPLONG MONDOT St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 92–95
Solid, with plum, anise and blackberry notes allied to an ample but polished structure. Features prominent toast, but the fruit seems to be soaking it up. A lingering graphite hint adds positive vibes.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU TROTANOY Pomerol 2014 Score: 95–98
Reserved today, with red currant, raspberry and blackberry fruit that is pure and racy, buttressed by charcoal and bramble notes. The finish picks up steam, with ganache, tobacco and smoldering iron accents and a great sanguine echo. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU VALANDRAUD St.-Emilion 2014 Score: 94–97
Delivers a mouthwatering core of boysenberry and blackberry fruit, with ample anise, fruitcake and plum sauce notes emerging through the flashy finish. Not just flamboyant, as there's a serious graphite spine to keep this honest. A beauty in the making.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU LA VIEILLE CURE Fronsac 2014 Score: 89–92
Solid, featuring a kirsch core, framed with licorice and violet notes. Offers ample toast, but this is polished and integrated.—J.M.

VIEUX CHÂTEAU CERTAN Pomerol 2014 Score: 94–97
Reserved in terms of aroma, but shows beautiful mouthfeel and depth, with pure cassis, blueberry and plum fruit that glides along, laced with a lively tobacco leaf note and backed by a sanguine twinge. Ample singed vanilla and alder accents chime in as well, but they stay in the background while the fruit plays out. Tasted non-blind.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU VIEUX MAILLET Pomerol 2014 Score: 87–90
Features a kirsch and cherry core, with freshness and purity stretching through the silky finish.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU VILLA BEL-AIR Graves 2014 Score: 88–91
This has good savory and pepper notes, with a light tarry edge backing the core of crushed plum and cherry flavors.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU VRAI CANON BOUCHÉ Canon-Fronsac 2014 Score: 88–91
Delivers a pure beam of cassis and raspberry fruit, lined with a chalky spine and backed by hints of alder and tobacco.—J.M.

CHÂTEAU VRAY CROIX DE GAY Pomerol 2014 Score: 89–92
Offers a ripe feel, with raspberry coulis and plum sauce notes woven together and supported by a red licorice spine. Reveals a lightly chewy edge through the finish, but the fruit is pure and should push through in the end.—J.M.